Friday, January 7, 2011

Jan. 7, 2011 Week 8


Thank you for all your letters again this week. I really am very grateful to all of you for sending them. The age of the dear elders is coming to an end (ha-ha). The "Mailman" will reluctantly give up this crown. I am so grateful looking back and counting all of the letters you have sent me. I have been blessed throughout my whole MTC expericence with great support. I don't think you realize how many letters you all have sent. It is completely humbling for me to even try to count all of them so I will send them home and let you all bask in the letter writting glory you all have accomplished ha. The last day to send Dear elders is tomorrow because I will be done with my MTC expericence soon, then I am off to the field. I want to say one thing about the MTC though before I go and my time is finished here. The MTC is a very special place. What is accomplished here is amazing and why we are all here and what we are doing is so much better then I ever imagained it could be. Never again will I sing the song, "Called to Serve" with 2,500 missionaries or hear 10 other languages saying thank you when you hold open the door and not have wonderful memorys and feelings. The Lord's work is perfect for imperfect people. I am grateful for the opportunity I had to come here and feel this spirit. I wish all of you could feel what I have felt while I have been here.
I saw lots of familiar faces this week in the MTC. I met up with Jordan Lamb, who I was surprised remembered me. Also saw Steven Moffet, who I haven't seen since I was probably 8 years old, and the Dahls from Oak Harbor. What an experience it was talking to each one of them. Looking into their eyes I felt somewhat like Ammon when he finished his mission and met up with the the rest of the Sons of Mosiah and he rejoiced in the knowledge that his brethern had stayed strong in the gospel. I was glad to see they have not given up the faith and they are still strong, good members of God's Army now.
I will miss the MTC and the people and relationships I have made here with other missionaries. But is is time to do what I was set apart to do, preach the gospel.
I was reassigned temporarily on Wednesday, no visa yet, to Dallas, Texas and I leave at 3:00 am on Monday. I might need you to dear elder me your phone numbers again because when you don't have a phone you forget everyones number! Dallas Texas, lets go watch the Mavs ha. Just kidding. Even though I will not be going to my original calling right away, I will go and do whatever I can do to bring others to Christ. No where in my calling did it say that Brazilians were the only ones to hear the gospel from me but it did say, "you have been called to serve." That is exactly what I will do, wherever that may be. Not quite sure what to expect when I get there or how the people are but it is best to trust in the Lord. My teacher Irmao Perry said,"..this is a stepping stone into the field." I really view it like that. Irmao also said someting really interesting to all of us. Josh, you can probably relate to this, he said, "sometimes I wish I would have had a hard finding and teaching mission." Irmao Perry was meaning to say that his mission was not easy, very much the opposite, it was hard and alot of work but one thing he did not struggle with was finding people to teach and people accepting the message.
The people in Central and South America are so humble and kind hearted they will listen to what you want to teach so it was a blessing for Him. As soon as I get my visa I will be able to relate to that but in Texas the receptivness is lower. I in no way am making excuses and I will not waste my time and opportunities I will have there but I can learn so much from being in Texas for a few months and working hard to find people to teach. It will only make me better for the people in Bahia. I am looking forward to the blessings I will see as others receive as they hear and accept the gospel, also the blessings you all will receive. So my next email i suppose I will be saying, "Howdy" from the "everything is bigger here" state. (ha).

Love, Elder Brown

I love you all soooooo much

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