Monday, January 17, 2011

1/17/11 Week 1 out in the Field


So preparation days are now Monday's! So here I am writing my first real missionary letter to you all and I guess you could say I'm pretty excited about that! Good old Texas! I was very excited to be called here for one particular reason and that being it would be good weather, but I guess Heavenly Father had other plans for me. He might have wanted to humble me a little bit so he sent the snow and the cold here to good old Texas ha. But rain or shine we work, better than the US Postal Service I might add ha. I was really excited to get here and meet the President and my companion. So let me start by telling you about them. President Smith is my Mission President and he is a great man. I know that already. The first thing he did was smile at me and gave me a hug! He is warm and really inviting. I'm not sure if he has sent a picture of me and him to you yet but we took one together and he said he would. We sat down and talked about the Dallas Mission and the expectations of this mission. He shared a few things about him and asked me and my companion I traveled with to do the same. Then he took us to Taco Bueno, and got me a, "wholelottaplatta" and we feasted ha. I was assigned to come to Frisco, Texas and that is where I met my companion Elder Bezona. He is the District Leader in this little area and a good missionary. He laughs at everything and has a good personality. I can tell he will be easy to get along with. When we arrived at Frisco we pulled up to a members house. I knew we were staying with members because that is what President Smith told me. I imagined in my head what every missionary probably does when they are going to where they will live for months, preparing for the worst ha. But when the van pulled up to the Adam's home I was stunned. It is a beautiful home with so many beautiful things inside. They let us stay in a room on the main floor of the house because they have no basement. The part that shocked me the most is that the Adams travel all the time, so I have been here for a week and have seen Brother Adams once for about an hour! And I have never met Sister Adams! They will come back for a week at the end of this month, but then leave again until March. So me and Elder Bezona have a 4,400 sq. foot home to ourselves! You could imagine my shock at my living accommodations. Elder Bezona has been out for 8 months and 6 months he has been in this area with the Adams. The Adam's family is made up of 2 boys and 1 girl: Elizabeth, Ricky, and Robert. Elizabeth is married and about 25 years old, Ricky just got home from his mission in Sao Paulo Brazil and has been married for a year, and Robert is on his mission in Tallahassee. I can tell Elder Bezona really loves this family and I know that they are really kind and good people.
Tracting, Tracting, Tracting that is all we really do here ha. I knew that tracting was part of missionary work but whoah nelly! We hit doors, talk to people, hit more doors, talk to people. I thought I was alright at talking to people but knocking a door is truly a humbling experience, especially, out here where their favorite line is, "I already have a church." I dont know why I get so nervous when I am tracting but I do. I know I shouldn't because the message I carry is true and will help their lives. They are really rejecting the message and not me. And I totally understand that and can see that but what hurts me so bad is I want these people to listen and to just let me sit down and talk to them. The Lord can change their lives but they don't want to hear it and that is what makes me sad for these people. But after hours of No's, we find a Yes and that makes all the difference. We were out one night walking and walking. We got lost. I was getting frustrated with "No's" and just wanted to pick an argument with one of the rejectors. We walked past a car and I was probably not going to stop because I wasn't paying attention, but Elder Bezona stopped. We talked to these people and for the first time out here I hear the words, "Do you have a Book of Mormon? I will pay you whatever it costs." She and her whole family genuinely wanted to hear the message and I learned a serious lesson that night from the Lord and Elder Bezona. This is not about me. It is about the people and what this message can do for them. We don't know all the ways the Lord is preparing these people for the message or who he is prepared so I need to talk to everyone!! I will swallow my fear and do what the Lord asks of me instead of my own will. I will try to do as Jesus Christ did, Luke 22:41-44. The Lord will help me and I can do everything with Him.
It really is so much fun out here. I will live up to the expectations of my mission and do all that I can do. And by the way, Elder Brown is looking for his wallet again. Don't worry but a prayer or two might REALLY help! ha.

Elder Brown

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  1. Wow, what a kid. He sure is a great person. I love reading the letters.