Friday, December 31, 2010

December 31st, 2010


Preparation day is such a bitter, sweet time for me now! Because before I write my letter to you all I pray to know what to say and I feel closer to you all when I do. Also I re-read all your letters again and think about all of you a little more today than the other days of the week. I think the Lord knows that it would be definitely hard if I could write you everyday. It would be really hard to focus on what the Lord needs me to do that day. The Big Guy's got it all figured out! (ha ha).
So Christmas in the MTC! Wow, it was awesome. We had 3 devotionals and the students who prepare our food really cooked with heavenly pots and pans that day because the food was exceptionally good on Christmas, or maybe the Lord blessed my taste buds, I hear that he does that sometimes ha. The devotionals were fantastic. I really messed up though, the first meeting of the day was the MTC Talent Show and we are never allowed to bring our cameras to devotionals but I guess I didn't get the memo because it seemed like everyone knew for this event they could bring them. So I missed such a great chance to record some of the great talent there is here at the MTC. So many great singers, so many great pianists, and people who play other instruments. They were blessed with these talents and they worked hard to develop them. They were all incredible. You know how sometimes like in middle school talent shows they put in someone who can't do whatever they are doing really well, but just need a friend so they put them in the talent show so hopefully people like them after ha. This was not like that at all, they all were really, really good. One of the missionaries I met here, Elder Bush, played the piano in the talent show and he blew us away. He and his companion could both play and they did some funny and exciting things while playing. Then after that devotional we had another after lunch. It was more serious and the Spirit was there for sure. When there was about 5 minutes before it was to start everyone stood up and I didn't understand what was happening but I did soon after. Elder Russell M. Nelson came to speak to me, I say me because I felt like throughout his talk, me and him were having a one on one conversation. I have been so lucky to have had 2 apostles come and speak at the MTC. He spoke about the Savior and his birth. He knows so much about the gospel! Something interesting I learned was the meaning of Bethlehem is, "City of Bread," then Elder Nelson said, " .. the bread of life was born in the city of bread.." It amazes me how powerful and vast the Apostles testimonies and knowledge of the gospel is and also how close they are to the Savior. Sometime I feel like I'm getting closer and doing better at coming closer to Jesus and then an Apostle comes and I realize how far I need to go. "He didn't say it would be easy, he just says it will be worth it." We can all get as close to our Savior as an Apostle if we really focus on what we want, and if what we want is to follow Jesus Christ and build a better relationship with him. We can't help but be obedient if we want that and through obedience, patience, and diligence we can come closer to our Elder Brother. Later Christmas evening we watched two actors act out the Christmas Carol. I really enjoyed that. Christmas in the MTC was great, I was lucky to be here when I was!
The rest of the week was fun as well, lots of learning and speaking the language and it is coming along. I can say almost everything I want to, but I really need to work on knowing more verbs and speaking fluently, now thats the tricky part! But it will come!
Before I end and you think I'm an ungrateful missionary I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of the presents and cards! They mean so much to me and I love them all, especially the gift from josh and ash, the tie with the little girls on it. I wore it and everyone was saying things about it and I would just smile. Thank-you again and I love you all. I am grateful to have an amazing family and friends behind me supporting me on my mission. There is an Elder in my district who doesn't get much mail or packages from anyone and I really could not imagine what that is like because you all give so much to me! I am definitely spoiled out here, thank you all again and I hope you had a great Christmas! I will see you in one more!

Elder Brown

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