Friday, December 3, 2010

December 3, 2010


Thanks everyone for the letters this week! I like hearing how everyone is and what they are doing. This week seemed to fly by. I didn't think a mission would go so fast, but it really is and I have to take advantage of it! We did some fun things this week in the MTC. One of them included being involved in the MTC choir. Anyone who knows me knows I can't sing that great, but my companion loves to sing so I supported him in what he loves to do. The choir director makes the whole experience a blast. He jokes around and makes fun of all of us. He teaches us spiritual things and every time we leave we feel uplifted. He is a great man but I don't even know his name. I will find out this week though. Sister Julie Beck came and spoke to us at the tuesday night fireside. She is the General Relief Society President, she talked to us about missionary work, obviously ha, but to follow the Spirit. She also shared experiences from her husbands mission, something her and Brother Beck told us was, "they liked seeing missionaries with dirty shirts.. " because she grew up in a mission home in Brazil! Side note: Her Father received the Revelation as he served as a Mission President and talked to the Prophet at the time that they needed to call native Brazilians to serve in the brazilian missions and he also started the Brazilian MTC! They also said, " missionaries should expect to work hard." I asked one of my roommates, Elder Smith, when the renewing of my body would happen as kind of a joke then he said something horrifying, " my brother said he was tired his whole mission." are you kidding me? ha. i guess it has to be done by someone and I'm lucky enough to be a part of this work! This week has not been as crazy as the others, but it's been great! The new elders came in on Wednesday and the job of the Zone Leaders is to show them around and help with the orientation. So Elder J. and I showed them around and when we got back to the residence hall all of the other elders came and wanted to meet the new elders. So one of the new elders says, "does anyone do Parkour?" i don't know if i spelled that right but it is where you jump off buildings and do flips and things like that. So then he says he can do flips off walls, and before I could tell him he shouldn't do that he was running at a wall next to him. He takes one step up the wall then the other, then begins to do the flip and BANG he hits the light above him and shatters the plastic covering on the light! I didn't know what to say! I asked him if he was okay than picked up the pieces. Ladies and Gentleman I will have my handfuls with this group! haha ..

Elder Brown

Nancy did get a written letter as well, along with his cameras memory card, so more updates and pics to come probably tomorrow.

Thanks for checking up on our Elder. :)

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