Friday, December 10, 2010

December 10, 2010

ola! Tudo Bem

Thanks everyone for all your love and support! I really appreciate it. It helps lift me and get me more excited about all the work we are doing here! So much to do and to learn in the short time I am here at the MTC. I feel like I need to use all my time the best I can. So there is another Jordan Brown here in the MTC, can you believe it? Crazy huh? I get some of his mail sometimes and he tells me he gets some of mine so it all works out usually. I give him his and he gives me mine but if I don't respond to something you wrote me I'm sorry he probably hasn't giving me the letters yet. This week has been all over the place for me, from being stressed to feeling like I'm never getting enough done, to laughing at my district doing funny things and being weird. So if this email seems a little scatter brained forgive me because I am all over the place ha-ha. It is all about setting goals here in the MTC. Goals keep you on track and focused on what you need to do, if you aren't setting them high enough you are not working hard enough that week but if you set them to high you become discouraged and frustrated. So this week my goals are: memorize 2 Scriptures in Portuguese, and read all of 1st Nephi in Portuguese along with my other personal goals in English. Wish me luck! We had an awesome speaker come on Tuesday, Elder Craig W. Zwick, he went to Buenos Aires Argentina on his mission and told us about all his different experiences. He did some amazing things, no doubt. He and 3 other missionaries built the first church in Bolivia out of clay bricks and straw. It was so inspiring, he told us we won't face challenges like his but we face our own spiritual mountains to climb. He told us about an experience where they had to ride horses to the next town to pick up supplies they needed for the construction of the building and they needed to go over a mountain pass to get there. On the way back they had to rent 12 donkeys to carry the heavy load that they were bringing back and when they were almost at the highest part of the pass it started to pour down rain and the trail became very slippery and very dangerous. One of the donkeys lost its footing and fell to the rushing river below. At this point Elder Zwick and his companion got down on their knees and began to cry and pray for help. There will be times of discouragement, Satan works so hard to pull us down, but instead of breaking him, in his moment of great alarm ready to sink into despair and destruction, he grew closer to Heavenly Father. There will be so many challenges but if we endure them well we WILL be able to go back and live with our Heavenly Father.

P.S. About the story he named his horse Ammon! How cool is that! Elder Zwick taught me so much this week about falling to your knees and asking for help.

Nothing really funny or exciting happened like the Elder who broke the light last week but it was just a good week. More push-ups, more Portuguese, and more missionary work. I guess I can show you something I have been working on:

e meu prazzer cumparchliar meu testimonlho eu sei que jesus cristo e nossa salvador e eu sei que as familias poderm ser eternals eu sei que josef smith foi um profeta verdadeiro eu sei que esse evangelho e verdade e o obra missionario e muito importante eu sei que deus nos ama e quer todo mundo voltar a ceu. eu amo meu familia e eu vou trabalhar duro por eles, eu sei que thomas s monson e a profeta em hoje em dia.

Amo, Elder Brown

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  1. Wow. I am so impressed with his portuguese! He's learning so quickly! Parabens Elder Brown! You're awesome!