Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dec. 17th, 2010 Week 5

Ola Family,

Family, it's been 5 weeks now! The sisters in our district wanted to have a 5 week anniversary party this week. It surprises me to think I have been out on my mission for 5 weeks already. Every P-day I start looking forward to what I need to do on the upcoming Sunday and on that Sunday I start to think about the devotional on Tuesday night and after that I begin to think about the Training Resource Center where we practice with investigators. Then P-day comes around again! The Portuguese is coming along, they say a lot of missionaries once they have hit a certain point plateau and don't progress very much for the rest of their stay in the MTC. I need to work harder because they say the ones that don't fade off sky rocket and learn so much more and can speak a lot better. It's time to really put in extra effort! One of our teachers yesterday asked us , "Why are you on a mission?" The point he was making was we need to work hard everyday at everything we do. He read to us in Abraham 3:22-23. He told us we are the "Noble and Great Ones." We have a great responsibility because we have the gospel. Heavenly Father sent us to our families with the gospel because we were valiant in defending and supporting the plan He presented in Heaven. When our older brother stood up and said, "Send me," we fought for him and defended him and knew he would accomplish the Atonement for each one of us! I have been richly blessed to live in the family I do and be able to have had all the experiences that I have had. With this great blessing there comes an even greater responsibility. I have to come through, the way I see it I don't have any other choice.

Elder Jones, my companion, this week has had some health problems and the doctor at the MTC has referred him to a doctor outside of the MTC. So I guess it is pretty serious. I hope he gets better or they can make him better. So as you know an Elder can't go alone so I get to go with him to the doctors office and my goal may be a little big but I think I can do it, it is to place a copy of the Book of Mormon! I'm already nervous which is pretty sad because it's in English, try it in Portuguese! But I won't let fear stop me. I really want to do this and I will do my best to accomplish my goal. Besides Elder Jones having some health problems I found out he has let some of the other elders shave him ha-ha. It was pretty funny but also really really nojento (gross)! I'll make sure to send some pictures of the craziness to you all, I wouldn't want anyone to miss out on this one.

Know that I am working hard in here and will work harder. I have talked to Elders from Brazil and they tell me some great things about the people, the food, the gospel, and missionary work there. They tell me Salvador is really hot but the people are just laid-back kind-hearted people. Who speak slow, yay! ha. One of the Elders I talked to his last name is Salvador so it a good sign. From what I've seen from the people I have met and what I have learned about Brazil, Brazilians are amazing people!

p.s. I had my haircut and the girl who cut my hair has relatives who live in Oak Harbor and have the last name Barney. That is funny huh?! And to make it better her old college roommate married Nate Lemme! Small world!

I got the memory cards mom. Thank you for them I will make sure to take more pictures. I got your package today also thank you for the Christmas presents and all the candy. I really love you and appreciate you for all you do for me out here! Tell Tammy and Gary thank you for sending me a package too, that was really, really kind of them! And the last day to send packages before Christmas is the 22nd.

Remember who this holiday is named after. I love my Savior (Salvador) Jesus Cristo muito. I know that (eu sei que) ele vive ( he lives). I love this gospel with all my heart and if I was anywhere but here I would be missing out on an amazing experience. em nome de Jesus Cristo, meu Salvador e Redentor amem.

Elder Brown

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