Thursday, November 18, 2010

Novermber 13, 2010

Mama Brown got a letter from Elder Brown. Here's some notes from what he has said:

He has really enjoyed his first week at the MTC and is continuing to learn and study the discussions and the language. He loves his classes and his teachers. He says that he can feel the love that they have for Brazil and for the people they served while on their missions. Jordan already feels love for the people there in Brazil through the great lessons and examples of his teachers.

His companion is an amazing singer and self taught pianist. His name is Elder J. and is from Sandy, Ut. Jordan says he is a good guy overall...although he does have some weird quirks, like putting chap stick on his nose!? (not too sure about all the details, so I'll get back to you on that one!) Interesting though, huh!? :)

Jordan is now the senior companion with Elder J. and was recently made the District Leader for his mission. He says he feels a lot of responsibility and wants to do the best he can and show the other Elders the love he has for His mission and for the Gospel.

He loves his family...

And requested, spray-n-wash, Tide and more ties! :)

(Nutshell version, but he gets to use the computer again tomorrow, so another update will be coming soon!)

Don't forget if you want to drop him a line, delivers daily and its free.

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