Saturday, November 13, 2010

Letter #1

We received a letter from Our Elder Brown tonight! I don't know if he's comfortable with me sharing the whole thing so I'll just post some highlights from the letter. He sounds great by the way and seems to be happy and is enjoying his time at the MTC!

Umm I don't really know what to start with! I'll start by telling you all the things that have happened than i will respond to all of your letters, that i am very thankful for! Well the first day we got here they had a big group meeting where the MTC presidency talked to us and welcomed us to the MTC. The President right now is President Smith and he told us some great advice and i am trying to follow it the best i can. Then we got a chance to meet our teachers, their names are irma dickson and imao perry (irma-sister, imao-brother) they are soo nice to us and are students at byu and uvu so i think it is amazing that they take the time to share their talents with us and help us to learn Portuguese. we are in class for about 6 to 8 hours a day and the other times we are eating, studying by yourself or your companion. I didn't know what to expect when i came here but it was a big shock to me at how much time we are learning how to teach or the language. i hear some other elders and sisters here and they sound fluent to me!? so i hope in a few weeks like 6 i can be doing that too! i have already learned how to bear my testimony and pray in Portuguese so i feel like i have already accomplished a lot but i cant ever be satisfied because the field will be so different. wish me luck there! ha .. so my companion, we are completely different and if you looked at it from the outside not much in common. but i can see one thing that we do have in common we are here for a purpose, serve the lord and we will try to prepare to do this the best we can!

I'm so happy to be here and you are right mom there is a different kind of spirit here at the MTC. I definitely feel my saviors love for the missionaries here and am blessed to be able to come here and not go straight down to Brazil. i would have been so lost down there and would have missed out on playing basketball against all these elders. .. i wouldn't trade that for the world ;) ..

I've gotten all your letters from dear elder and everyone hassles me because i always have one coming in but i am so thankful that my family loves me and sends me letter. so keep them coming :) .. I'm doing great the food is alright I'll get used to it eventually .. or my body will there is a lot of grease .. i love you a lot .. sorry i can't edit i don't have time .. Elder Brown

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