Saturday, November 20, 2010

Friday Nov. 19, 2010

Hey Everyone,

Thanks again for all the letters. We are only allowed to write on my P day so I'm really busy! I go to the temple on these days to so I don't have a lot of time to write emails but I'll do my best. I'll write some things i did this week first. We have a thing called a progressive investigator, which is just our teachers acting like investigators but they are investigators they had while on their missions so they are really people. and what they stress is teaching to people's needs! So the whole week I have been praying to know how to teach these people and something incredible happened. I didn't see my teachers anymore but they were actually the investigators I had been praying for! i could feel the difference and was worried about there welfare and needs. It really is all about the investigator I am just here so the spirit can work and talk through me. i understand why they call us the "instruments of the Lord". This week has flown by now , some elders in our branch are getting re-assignments and told me the days are long but the weeks fly by and that is so true. i will really miss these missionaries but I am so excited for them to go and preach. they have taught me a lot about obedience, perseverance and tie trading ( haha) .

Yes, tie trading is big here it kinda makes or breaks you here ;). i don't know if it was big here in the mtc when you came josh but i have fallen in love with it ha. The best part though is the kind of design that everyone loves here: PAISLEY. so i tell everyone about my little niece. So if you ever feel like sending a certain missionary a tie, Paisley's would be preferable. Or just ones you don't like so I can trade them away for the paisleys, obrigado.

Now to answer some letters:

Jeremy Amanda and Brooklyn:
I can't believe she is getting more teeth! she will have some pearly whites when i get back! and i am not having kids I will just play with yours ha-ha! The Portuguese is pretty challenging but I have to put in the work and it will come. The rumor about the visas is that they are starting from my district first than going back so they don't stop everyone from going out when they are supposed to but to send the ones after us when they can but us first but i don't know everyone has there own little story about it. I have not filled out the online portion yet which means you will go in a month so please pray that i get it because we all need your prayers! .. to soften the heart of the Brazilian consulate. i love you bro and i love ya Amanda .. take care of Brooklyn :) bless her too ..

josh and ash: ill write you a real letter this week because i don't have time to answer and respond to every ones, but i will get that out soon!

Mom and Dad

my p day is Friday so if you want to go to the temple when i do i go around 3 every Friday. I am glad Josh and Jeremy are coming over to visit keep telling them to come. yeah i love the dearelders you send me it helps me get through the day sometimes when I am frustrated or irritated. Please keep sending them. The gift of tongues is so real and it comes from work and obedience, i need to do better at both but it is amazing how it works. yeah i will for sure join the choir so i can do the Christmas special if they let the elders go and sing, but i don't know if my companion will join me in playing basketball not really that kinda elder ha. I got my shot yesterday and it didn't hurt to bad but i know she really gave it to me not like the lady from Walgreen's ha-ha. I'm glad you are keeping busy with the young women's thing you are so good at that and it will help those girls tremendously!! great girls in the ward and strong spirits and you can help them become stronger. it is exciting Brooklyn is crawling i bet she is the best at it. and tell paisley that i love her and will help her play with her kitchen again really soon! send those quotes!!! .. i love you very much

Dad i loved your email i will teach with a burning heart and make you proud, until we meet again,

gram i love you so much thank you for the letter i will write you also this week ..

Love, Elder Brown

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  1. yeah. I love his e-mails. He sounds like he's doing well. We pray for all the missionaries. It's Gwenevere's favorite part. Way to go Elder Brown.